Why use a waist cincher/trainer?

Waist training goes back to Victorian times where women wore tightly laced, steel boned corsets. Waist trainers (aka waist cinchers) are designed to help you achieve a small waist and hourglass silhouette showing off your curves. After "seasoning" (breaking-in) your waist trainer, it is suggested that you wear your waist trainer 8-10 hours. You will see the best results when you exercise and wear your trainer. Waist trainers are made with latex which will make you sweat---so be sure to increase your water intake!!! If you plan to exercise and wear it on a daily basis, you may want to consider purchasing 2 waist trainers.


Seasoning/Breaking in your waist cincher/trainer

Begin training 2 to 4 hours the first week increasing your time until you can wear it 8 hours (or more). It may be easy to get your trainer on with assistance or by laying on the floor or bed for the first few times of wear. Some people find it easy to hook their trainer from the bottom-to-top, others top-to-bottom. If you can fasten the hooks, you have the right size! When ordering your waist trainer, select it based on your current size and NOT the size you want to be!